Customer Testimonials

McCloud Mill House

Hillary not only found us the perfect rental when we first moved to Siskiyou County, but 8 months later, she found us the perfect house to buy as well! We can't thank her enough!

She was so patient while we searched for the perfect place for us. She was quick to respond and went out on listings during heavy snow when other agents may have told us to wait for better weather. I'm convinced her go-getter attitude helped us get a house in such a desirable area. She acted quickly and professionally.  The listing agent has reached out to us since and let us know how impressed they were with Hillary. That's pretty impressive! 


Hillary has become like family and we're so happy she was on our house-hunting team!


Anne-Marie & Woody Hosler

Treated Me Like Family

I purchased my first home with Hillary as my real estate agent in May 2018. The entire experience was wonderful because Hillary offered support and guidance throughout the entire process. She was always available to answer questions and I felt like she totally "had my back" and treated me like I was a part of her family. 


I recommend Hillary to all of my friends and loved ones because she is highly knowledgeable,  genuinely kind, and cares deeply about the well being of her clients above everything else. 

Lynda Schartle

We Were Fortunate to Find Her

My wife and I have bought and sold nine houses in our 37 years together, both here in California and in Indiana, and we are abundantly familiar both with the process of buying and selling, and with the realtors who have been part of the process with us.  We both agree that Hillary stands out among the entire group as the one person we most value.  We feel this way because of her attention to detail, her seemingly tireless efforts to make the process of home buying both productive and free from stress, and her genuine care and concern for us – not just as clients, but as friends.  She communicated thoroughly with us and with the sellers, so that we knew, moment by moment, where we were in the transaction. 

We were in the process of selling our home, as well as buying one here in Lake Shastina, and because the escrows did not overlap evenly, we needed to move just before closing our purchase.  Hillary mustered the troops, met us at the storage facility with her husband, John, and with two of their friends, and they were there to help us unload the moving van.  Later, after our escrow closed here, she again mustered the troops to move our furniture and belongings from storage into the house.  She watched over us as if we were her relatives – not simply her clients.  It was a stressful time, and Hillary was there for us – as no realtor has ever been before.  She is one of those rare individuals who believes that helping people is what life is really all about, and we were fortunate to have found her.

Jim Snoke and Georgann Wilmot

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